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LightNovel™ - LED Art Decor

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The Perfect Fusion of Art and Illumination



LightNovel™ illuminated decorative painting that brings a touch of magic to your home.


  • Adds artistic charm to home decor.

  • Adjustable lighting to set the perfect mood.

  • Easy operation with switch buttons control and USB power supply.

  • Versatile placement on walls, tables, or any flat surface.

  • Thoughtful and unique gift for any occasion



Experience The Art of Light and Shadow


This stunning piece of art is more than just a traditional wall hanging – it's a captivating combination of light and artistic design that transforms any room into a captivating visual experience.



Technology Meets Art



The gentle LED illumination adds depth and dimension, transforming the artwork into a dynamic and captivating visual display. It's a true feast for the eyes and a conversation starter for any visitor.


Crafted with Precision and Creativity


LightNovel™ showcases intricate patterns and motifs that come to life when illuminated. Each piece is carefully handcrafted by skilled artisans who pay meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that every artwork is a unique masterpiece.


Packet Included:

  • Magic Castle - 3D Calendar 2024

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  • Perfect Christmas Gift
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