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Resistance Band Set ™



Enjoy a Full Body Workout at Home and Achieve Your Dream Body!

Workout in the comfort of your own home
Perform more than 150 exercises
Progressively fatigued muscles
Perform light, medium, and heavy workouts
Lightweight and easy to set up
Improve physical endurance
Balance, Flexibility, Coordination, Burn body fat

Keep your body in good shape!

Resistance Band Set is your personal portable gym to empower your training for faster & more effective results. Its versatility can expand your workout needs whether they are at the gym or at the comfort of your own home. Whether you are a beginner or an expert our 5 resistance bands will fully meet your needs.


 Safe and Effective! 

The smooth movement and consistent resistance give great results while minimizing the chance of injury.

 Easily Sets Up In Seconds!

With the included Door Anchor, handles, and ankle straps, you can set up the Resistance Bands in seconds. Just choose your desired exercise, set it up accordingly, and start your workout.

 Workout Even If You Can't Find The Time!

Have only a few minutes a day, or having difficulties finding the time to work out? No problem! Because of the accessibility and quick and easy setup, Resistance Bands allow you to do a few quick sets whenever you have time and go on with your day.

Compact and Portable!

The Resistance Band Set conveniently fits into our carrying bag to easily bring your workouts wherever you go! 

5 x Resistance bands
2 x Foam Handles
1 x Door anchor
1 x Carry bag
2 x Ankle straps

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