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Silicone Wine Glass Holder - Dishwasher Set

Silicone Wine Glass Holder for Dishwasher Set - Washing your wine glasses can be a risky business, especially when you're using your dishwasher.

Save your fragile stemware with these flexible silicone rods to stabilize them as they go through the cycle. 

      Keeps your fragile stemware safe
   ✓   Material: Flexible silicone rods
      Set of 4 glass holder tethers

GJ0049 (7)

It's a fact, not all cutlery, glassware, or serving dishes are created equal and your precious wine glasses can easily tip over in the dishwasher during the washing cycle and break.

Fortunately, our Silicone Wine Glass Holder for Dishwasher Set is here to save the day!

Wine lovers and owners of oddly shaped dishwasher racks are guaranteed to adore this flexible and adjustable dishwasher connector set. It's an absolutely indispensable tool!

GJ0049 (6)

To use it, simply adjust the rod to fit the glass on either the top or bottom rack of your dishwasher and wash your glassware with confidence. It's as easy as that!

Package includes:
4*Wine racks

1.The actual color may differ slightly from the image due to different monitor and lighting effects.
2.Please allow 1-3 mm deviation due to manual measurement

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