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Imagine putting your safety shoes on without a bulky and clunky look. Heading to shopping, party, or even the dance floor after work without changing your work shoes.

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Breathable & Lightweight

Moisture-wicking mesh lining for maximum airflow and breathability to prevent sweaty feet - stay cool, and odor-free!

Super light material to prevent your feet from getting tired after long work shifts

European Steel Toes

Kevlar Trainers™ safety shoes are made from heavy-duty steel to fully protect your from crushing and falling object.

Anti-Puncture Kevlar Midsole is resistant to sharp objects on the ground. Walk confidently without the risk of injury.

Springy & Flexible

Springy, flexible composition helps distribute body weight evenly across feet. Absorbs shock and reduces pressure on your feet. Stay comfortable on your feet, all day long

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Fast Support If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our support team at nfo@topfivestars.com We will respond to you within 6 hours.

30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

If there is something wrong with the product, you will receive a refund from us. Contact our support team at info@topfivestars.com for this.

Eco Friendly

In an effort to reduce our impact on the planet. We continue to look for solutions to drive sustainability without compromising on quality.

As part of our ongoing sustainability efforts, orders from where they're manufactured. Every air mile we avoid saves 27kg of Co2 from entering the atmosphere

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